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US School Systems Ban the Use of ChatGPT: Why We Need to Embrace AI for Modern Education

Originally posted January 2023

US school systems are actively banning the use of ChatGPT. This is insanity and exemplifies an arguably archaic system that is aiding our international decline.

This not-unexpected move from Microsoft - adding ChatGPT to their office applications -shows how core this #AI technology will be to daily productivity in very short order.

We cannot push away AI advancements. This speed of change is going to mark 2023 and beyond.

We must buckle up and steer this thing!!! Slamming on the brakes will only cause wreckage.

For anyone frustrated with my response on behalf of educators, please understand that I love education and all those who work in it! I’ve kept one foot in education throughout my life and I’m beyond grateful for those who work in this field.

My perspective is NOT to condemn educators, but rather to challenge a system that desperately needs modernization.

What should YOU do?

👉🏻Leaders - Lobby for education across the entire K-Higher Ed system to embrace technology to prepare your workforce.

👉🏻Parents - Get involved at your kids’ schools. Speak at school board meetings. Be the voice for modernization. Volunteer to educate teachers about using technology in their classrooms.

👉🏻Voters - Support bond pursuits for teacher pay and ongoing upskilling.

👉🏻Politicians and Digital Ethicists - Help guide us toward technology usage that well serves humanity.
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