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Leading with the mindset of a pragmatic futurist, I'm dedicated to the ethical application of technology, particularly AI. I believe that profits and purpose can - and should - co-exist!


About Lisa

Dr. Lisa Palmer is an artificial intelligence business strategist who designs business models, processes, and services that align to the unique needs of board directors, executives, product leaders, and revenue professionals. Her work drives growth, reduces costs, and enables clients to outperform their competitors. One of the world's top AI experts, she challenges leaders to think differently, ensuring they stay ahead of trends and risks.


Lisa has worked for top companies including Microsoft, Splunk, Gartner, and ConocoPhillips, with a latticed career journey that includes: 

  • Engineer and IT practitioner

  • Technology sales leadership

  • Technology researcher and advisor

  • Industry consultant

  • Executive roles as both CIO and CMO

Lisa has advised and consulted for multinational businesses, government organizations, Fortune 500 companies, STEM groups, tech companies, and universities. Her speaking engagements have taken her across the globe, audiences ranging in size from 3 to 15,000. Additionally, Lisa is an expert contributor to NBC, Fox News, Newsy, Global Finance, CIO, and Financial Times, among others.

Leading businesses seek out Lisa’s expertise in: 

  • Addressing ChatGPT business disruption

  • Using AI to outperform competitors

  • Avoiding AI legal and regulatory risks

  • Responsibly and ethically using AI 


Lisa holds a Doctorate in Artificial Intelligence conferred in May 2023. Digging deeply into 46 different enterprise environments, she studied motivations for pursuing AI, actions that led to success and failure, and the business outcomes created.

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