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"Leading with the mindset of a pragmatic futurist, I'm dedicated to the ethical application of technology, particularly AI. I believe that purpose and profits can - and should - co-exist!"

About Me

Everyone is unique and offers their own superpower to the world. I'm the Artificial Intelligence Strategist who uses outside-in thinking to help executives, board directors, and product leaders to drive growth, reduce costs, and outperform competitors. I challenge leaders to think differently - to ensure that they stay ahead of emerging trends and risks. I do this through the intersection of my 4 lenses:
  1. Seasoned IT Practitioner (aka "buyer and operator")
  2. Enterprise Software Leader (aka "seller")
  3. Executive Advisory (aka "vision-to-solutions field delivery")
  4. AI for Enterprise Researcher (aka "risk & reward assessor") 
My unique perspective, earned through my latticed (vs ladder) career journey, allows me to do this unlike anyone else…
◾ Engineer / Sales Engineer
◾ IT Practitioner (CIO)
◾ Technology Field Enterprise Sales (MSFT) 
◾ Technology Research & Advisory for Executives (Gartner)
◾ Consulting - Industry Advisory (TDC/SPLK) 
◾ CMO (Financial Svcs) & MBA Program Marketing Professor
◾ Doctoral Candidate - Artificial Intelligence

I am a thought leader who loves to envision, design, and implement change. I'm a builder who loves to create, retool, and modernize. To excite and onboard my customers, colleagues, and partners so that we are constantly evolving - together.
Given my unique background, my rounded perspective gives me empathy across corporate silos, between partners, and for customers of every industry.  It allows me to design organizational transformation with a modern and horizontally integrated approach, to translate between business and technology language, and to consistently bring an "outside-in" perspective to executive clients, teams, and partner relationships.

I’m the Chief AI Strategist for AI Leaders, a boutique advisory and consulting firm. I am also an AI doctoral candidate and a university professor for MBA students in Marketing, Finance, Organizational Behavior, and Ethics. I am passionate about supporting #womenintech and actively mentor and sponsor. As a committed lifelong learner, I am dedicated to growing both personally & professionally while fostering that mentality in my coworkers, clients, students, mentees, and within my online and IRL communities.


If you're looking for someone to help you to use data & artificial intelligence to improve your business, I'd love to hear from you! 
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