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Wow!... Great Speaker and she truly knows her subject... I could have listened to her for hours...


-Gregory Lawler

CIO, Government Personnel Mutual Life Insurance Company (GPM Life)

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She makes AI easy to understand.


-Risa Fogel

Head of Performance and Service Management Digital Workspace, Bayer

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Dr. Lisa Palmer is a dynamic professional who excels in revenue generation and Artificial Intelligence. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of AI advancements and modern selling practices makes her an invaluable asset for any organization seeking to leverage the transformative power of AI for a competitive edge. Lisa's expertise in both areas allows her to offer strategic insights and innovative approaches that enhance revenue growth and drive success. With her dedication, unique perspective, and exceptional skills, Lisa is well-positioned to guide organizations towards new heights in this era of exploding innovation.


-Tyler Lessard

VP Marketing at Vidyard and Founder of Sales Feed

One of the best presentations I've ever heard on AI was from Dr. Lisa Palmer, who was the first person to give me a REAL answer on 'How can we address biases and gaps in our AI data' .


-Leona Thomas

Sr. Delivery Director, Global BAS Transformation Team - Slalom

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Love her enthusiasm and energy on the subject.


-Terry Price


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Dr. Lisa Palmer is the epitome of excellence in the AI domain, with a remarkable ability to deliver captivating keynote presentations to technical audiences. Her unparalleled expertise in artificial intelligence shines through in every word, while her exceptional presentation skills keep attendees on the edge of their seats. She effortlessly communicates complex AI concepts, making them accessible to all, and her approachability fosters an inclusive atmosphere for engaging discussions. Her contributions to AI research and inspiring talks have left a lasting impact on the industry, making her a must-see for anyone eager to stay ahead in the world of AI.


-Mary A. Millikin, Ph.D.

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Rogers State University

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