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Revolutionizing Work with AI: A Practical Example Using ChatGPT Plugins

Each day, I ask myself repeatedly - how can I work differently in this moment - using AI?
Here’s a practical example of how I recently worked in a new way.

🚨 I no longer build slides first when I prepare a keynote speech.

➡️ Instead, I freeform speak into to have it capture my thoughts and create a written transcript.

➡️ I copy the transcript into ChatGPT and ask it to rearrange my thoughts into a cohesive presentation flow in a headings/subheadings format.

➡️ I interact via creative prompts until I am happy with the results for my specific target audience.

➡️ I copy the results into an online Microsoft Word document and assign headings formatting where appropriate.

➡️ I then simply tell it to auto-generate my fully formatted PowerPoint slides.

‼️ This has decreased my multi-hour, or sometimes multi-day process into a fraction of the time needed using my old process!

💡Now, using ChatGPT plugins, productivity leaps like this are everywhere!

✅ This is a significant moment for Generative AI, much like the iPhone's debut.

✅ There is already a massive list of ChatGPT plugins available for nearly every use.

✅ ChatGPT has revolutionized the way we communicate and work and it’s not even 6 months old!

✅ As new and innovative plugins are developed, the potential for ChatGPT is limitless.

✅ Check every day to find new tools that you can use! Challenge yourself to learn to work differently.
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