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Embrace AI as a Partner or Face It as a Threat

Updated: Jan 29

Artwork by ChatGPT (DALL-E)

I carefully select an annual theme word every January. This year, it’s taken me longer than usual to make my selection. When I saw the below graphic, backdropped against recent experiences and my AI disruption understanding, my theme word became instantly clear.


Time is our most precious resource. So I’m investing my time only in work that creates substantial value — work that harnesses MY unique expertise to drive positive impacts. My theme establishes this as the core requirement for work that I accept for myself and my firm.

My focus is on contributing in ways that only I can, leveraging my years at the crossroads of technology and humanity to elevate the businesses and individuals whom I serve. In this way, my requirement is to bring ME to every situation and every client.

This focus also means that I will say no. I’ll turn away work that others could do, or, that has a high administrative burden or is otherwise unproductive. For work that simply must be done but is low-value, I will lean heavily on AI to complete it as efficiently as possible.

What This Means To You

Committing to the high-value work that taps into YOUR core competencies ensures that you aren't wasting your potential and buffers you against AI fueled change. What are your ‘requirements’ for meaningful work? How can you boldly step away from tasks that dilute your potential? How can you partner with AI?

Get crystal clear on YOUR value proposition. Double-down on your time spent creating value that only YOU can create and use AI to speed-up or fully automate the low-value time wasters in your life.

THIS is how you future-proof your career as AI advances. The more control that you assert over the very work that you do, the less susceptible you are to becoming obsolete in the face of AI. Have you asked yourself which of the tasks that you're doing could be replaced by AI? Do less of that work! Apply AI to those tasks and shift your time to high-value work. Be proactive. Take control of your work and your future.

Requirements Checklist

  • Get clear on YOUR value proposition

  • Invest time only in high-value work that taps into your core competencies, avoiding wasting potential

  • Contribute in ways that only YOU can,

  • Bring YOUR authentic self to every situation and client interaction.

  • Say no to work that others could do, work with high administrative burden, or work that is otherwise unproductive.

  • If you can't say no, use AI to efficiently handle necessary but low-value tasks.

Here’s to making 2024 the highest impact year of our lives - AND - future-proofing our careers in the AI era!

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