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Which New (Non-Techie) AI Role Is Right For You?

In my previous blog, I outlined how AI is transforming organizations and creating emerging careers across various dimensions based on the Burke-Litwin change model. I heard from many readers who found this framework helpful for envisioning new career paths and gaining strategic insight into how to prepare.

Artwork by DALL-E (ChatGPT)

To further support those interested in actively preparing for the AI-impacted work world, I've enumerated 60 example jobs being created by the AI evolution in a downloadable list. This list is designed to explain each role's basic responsibilities and allow you to map your previous experiences into the best-fit roles for an easy career pivot. Some roll-up observations from this table include:

  • The breadth of functions represented, from engineering and data analytics to consulting, training and policy, reinforces that AI skills are relevant across many industries and specialties.

  • Traditional titles are being combined with "AI" to create hybrid roles, like AI Strategy Consultant or AI Business Impact Consultant. This shows how existing domains are integrating new technologies.

  • Experiences in areas like change management and training and ethics are commonly listed as helpful background for career pivots - reflecting the importance of human-centered skills even for technical/analytical jobs.

  • Emerging fields like environmental data analysis, AI legal, AI sustainability, and AI sales strategy are represented, pointing to where multidisciplinary skills can be applied.

Download PDF • 458KB

I hope seeing these concrete career examples is inspiring and gives you a sense of the many pathways available. As a next step, reflect on how your current experience aligns with AI-related roles. Then, identify any new skills you need to develop and pursue relevant learning opportunities over the coming months. With proactive preparation and an open mind, you'll be well-positioned to thrive professionally in the exciting, AI-transformed future awaiting us all!

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