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Learn directly from a visionary and pragmatic AI expert, and apply what you've learned to build your AI strategy.

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1:1 Consultation

1:1 consultations are best suited for executives and business leaders who know that they need to strategically respond to artificial intelligence disruption, but need thought partnership.

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Business Value and ROI

AI can be a significant investment, and executives must justify that investment to stakeholders by demonstrating clear business value and return on investment. This can involve identifying the right use cases for AI, measuring and communicating its impact on key business metrics, and aligning AI initiatives with broader business goals and strategies.

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Talent and Workforce

Many struggle with finding and retaining skilled AI professionals as well as adapting their existing workforce to work in partnership with AI. This can involve challenges such as creating your own AI experts, reskilling current employees, and redesigning workflows and job roles.

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Ethics and Responsibility

As AI technology advances and so do financial and legal accountabilities, organizations are grappling with how to ensure their AI systems, and people using them, are acting ethically and responsibly. Leaders must consider questions such as how to prevent AI from reinforcing biases, how to protect privacy, and how to ensure transparency and accountability. This applies to tools ALREADY in use in your organization as well as products that you create!

Team Consultation

Perfect for teams wanting to collaboratively build an AI strategy.

AI Strategy and Roadmapping

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Designed for established businesses who want to leverage AI for competitive positioning, as well as startups and entrepreneurs, this workshop helps participants develop a strategic AI roadmap tailored to their unique business goals. It includes understanding AI capabilities, aligning AI initiatives with business objectives, and creating an actionable plan for AI integration. This is particularly beneficial for companies at the early stages of their AI journey, or those seeking strategic clarity, providing a clear path from conceptual understanding to practical application.

AI Foundations for Business Innovation

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Designed for businesses seeking to rejuvenate their revenue streams or maintain competitiveness through AI. It covers the basics of AI technologies, how they can be applied to various business models, and real-world case studies demonstrating successful AI integration. The focus is on identifying opportunities for AI-driven innovation in participants' respective industries.

Optimizing Operations and Profitability with AI

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Tailored for both established businesses seeking operational rejuvenation and startups aiming to build efficient, AI-integrated processes and/or products from the ground up, participants explore how AI can streamline processes, reduce costs, and improve decision-making. The workshop covers topics like line-of-business process improvements, supply chain optimization, AI in sales and customer service, and data-driven decision-making. Case studies provide participants with real-world AI strategies for operational challenges.

Ethical AI and Risk Management


Designed for established businesses and startups venturing into AI, this workshop addresses the ethical considerations and risk management strategies essential for AI implementation. Participants learn about the ethical implications of AI, how to navigate potential risks, and best practices for implementing AI in a responsible and compliant manner. The workshop also covers the importance of maintaining customer trust when using AI technologies.

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