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ChatGPT is a Rocket Booster for AI

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

And like any rocket booster - it's powerful - and it must be handled with care!

What are the legal implications of generative AI (and others)? Who owns works created by it? Who is legally responsible for its results?

Given the current state of fragmented legislative and regulatory guidance for AI, I wanted to provide a pragmatic tool to aid in understanding. To this end, I've built out The AI Outcomes Model for Generative AI (TM).

  1. Don't be distracted by explainability. Pragmatically, we must ensure AI creates intentional, positive, and equitable outcomes.

  2. The company (or individual) that profits from the technology should expect to be held accountable when it fails to meet positive and equitable outcome expectations. "Follow the Money" for accountability.

  3. Simplify legalities - the creator using the AI tool owns what they make. "Creation = Ownership"

NOTE: This model represents my recommendations and, in many cases, needs support from laws/regulations.

Examples of varied AI use cases included below in my model:

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