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The Power of Personalization: Data-Informed AI Drives Customer Engagement

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

How is Artificial Intelligence (AI) changing the business game? One powerful way is creating customized content that is deeply personalized, often video content, based on customer or patient, or student data. This means that brands can offer truly personalized experiences that are tailored specifically to individual preferences and needs - through automated means that are nearly endlessly scalable. In short, you will feel as though brands "know" you. Here are some industry examples to bring this to life.
Healthcare: Imagine an AI-generated avatar of a doctor or nurse who looks like your healthcare provider. This avatar uses your medical history, lab results, and lifestyle habits to provide personalized educational videos about disease prevention and management. This way, you better understand your conditions and improve your overall health outcomes.

E-commerce: Your personal shopper avatar, who looks like a fashion stylist, uses your data such as past purchases and style preferences to create personalized videos showcasing products that are tailored to your interests. This way, you can get suggestions for outfits that fit your style and preferences.

Education: Your virtual tutor avatar personalizes learning experiences based on your learning style, academic performance, and interests. This avatar creates personalized videos that engage you in learning material in a way that works best for you, leading to better academic performance.

Financial Services: Imagine your personal financial advisor as an avatar. Only now, he/she can provide highly personalized financial advice and guidance based on the hard data of your spending habits, income, and financial goals. This avatar can create personalized videos that help you make better-informed decisions about your finances and you won't be worried about being judged :)

Travel: Your travel agent avatar suggests personalized travel itineraries based on your travel history, preferred destinations, and budget. This avatar creates personalized videos that provide recommendations for your dream vacations.

Beauty: Your virtual makeup artist avatar provides personalized beauty tips and recommendations based on your skin type, hair type, and style preferences. This avatar creates personalized videos that help you enhance your natural beauty and find the best beauty products for you.

Automotive: Imagine a virtual car salesperson who can suggest personalized car models and features based on your driving habits, vehicle history, and budget. This avatar can create personalized videos that help you find the perfect car that fits your needs and preferences.

Sports: Imagine a sports analyst avatar who provides personalized highlights and analysis based on YOUR favorite teams, players, and rivalries.

Real Estate: Your virtual real estate agent makes personalized property recommendations for you based on your budget, location preferences, and other criteria. This can help real estate agents save time and provide more tailored services to their clients.

Gaming: Your virtual game master avatar creates a personalized gaming experience for you based on your gaming history and preferences. This avatar personalizes videos that provide you with games that are tailored to your interests, leading to increased player engagement and satisfaction.

Food and Beverage: Imagine an avatar who looks like your favorite chef providing you with personalized coaching. AI-generated content can be used to create personalized recipe recommendations based on a customer's dietary preferences, cooking skills, and available ingredients. Would this wildly relevant content increase your customer loyalty?

Legal: Your legal avatar, who looks and sounds like your attorney, offers you personalized legal advice and guidance based on your legal history, case details, and legal needs. In this way, clients receive relevant, specific, and timely legal advice that is tailored to their unique circumstances.

These examples shed light on ways that we will all feel a bit more connected to brands as they seem to "know" us. By offering more personalized experiences that are tailored to individual preferences and need, through the use of data-powered AI content, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, engagement, and loyalty. And what brand doesn't want that!
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