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Stop Wasting Time - Use AI!

Are you still building slides like it’s 2022?

Does your old-school method take more than 4 minutes?

If so, you’re wasting time.

⚠ If you're a leader - multiply this lost time across your entire organization.

NOTE: How to steps to follow are included in the video!

November 30, 2022, a free productivity tool hit the market that should have forever changed the way that you work.

ChatGPT’s arrival ushered in the public generative AI era.

From Feb-May this year - 3,700 GenAI tools were released!

As a result, there are MANY new ways to work that you should consider.

If you’re still building slides as you’ve always done, you’re costing yourself hours of lost time!

As one example, I put together slides to demonstrate the productivity gain possible with generative AI. That example presentation, including "how to" steps, is embedded above in this post.

I included NO research on my own.

I 💯 used the ChatGPT tool on public information about Grant Thornton.

The whole process took 4 minutes.

Yes, 4 minutes, to go from zero researched content to fully formatted and visually engaging slides.

Obviously, this is a simplified example, but it’s incredibly relevant.

Please be an “early learner”. Invest in yourself and learn new ways to work. You’ll never regret it!

And if you're a leader who isn't LEADING your team to new ways of working, you are failing them and your P&L!

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