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Protect Yourself from Voice-Cloning Scams: It Only Takes 3 Seconds of Recording!

⚠️ It only takes 3 seconds of voice recording to clone your voice.

Anyone who follows my content knows that it's my personal mission to educate people on the possibilities and dangers of AI, particularly generative AI.

Today, I have to share this disturbing story about scammers who used AI to clone a teenage girl's voice to demand a $1 million ransom from her mother.

The mother received a call from an unfamiliar phone number claiming to have her daughter in their custody and demanding ransom. After an emotionally distressing few moments, thankfully, the mother realized it was a scam and confirmed that her daughter was safe.

❗Voice-cloning technology can recreate someone's voice with just a 3-second voice sample. With a larger sample, they can perfectly clone tone and emotional mannerisms.

❓How can you protect yourself?
❓Your family?
❓Your company's executives?

💠Scammers often find their targets on social media, so look for red flags, such as if they're calling from an unfamiliar area code or using an international number.

💠TODAY - speak to your family. Agree on a family safe word. This gives you a way to quickly validate that you are not being scammed.

💠This also needs to be done for executive teams! Stories are flooding in about funds being scammed from companies who believe that an executive or board member is instructing them!

Deepfakes like this are increasingly advanced and are now widely accessible to scammers. Please be aware, be prepared, and share this knowledge with everyone in your life.

Full text article here.
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