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Helping Parents and Teachers: Better Results with Bing Chat

Everyone who follows me knows that I’m passionate about both AI and education. Helping others to learn and grow in partnership with AI gives me great joy. Although I’ve spent my life in business pursuits, I’m also a mom and an educator. I know well the excitement and stress that accompanies a new school year.

To help my local community, I'm ecstatic about training educators this week on how to harness AI in the classroom! Specifically, among many other concepts, we’ll be deep diving into tools like Microsoft Edge, Bing, and Math Solver. These AI-driven tools are game-changers, not just for enhancing learning, but also for making life easier for teachers and parents. As we kick off a fresh academic year, let's dig into how these resources can help.

Bing Chat = Search + ChatGPT + More!

Microsoft dramatically raised their game when they added ChatGPT-4 to their search platform. This isn't just an upgrade; it's a seismic shift in how we interact with search engines.

  • Human-like Interactions: Forget the monotony of sifting through a sea of links. Bing Chat lets you engage in a conversation with your search engine. You can ask intricate questions with up to 2000 characters and get answers that feel remarkably human.

  • Internet-Connected Intelligence: Unlike ChatGPT, which has a knowledge cutoff at 2021, Bing Chat stays current. It has real-time internet access, so whether you're asking about global events, stock markets, or trending memes, you'll get the most up-to-date information.

  • Continuity in Conversation: Ever felt frustrated starting from square one with every new query? Bing Chat is content-aware. It remembers your past searches, allowing for a fluid conversation where you can ask follow-up questions without having to backtrack.

  • Ease of Access: You can easily launch this feature if you have a Microsoft account. It's as simple as going to or activating it from the Bing toolbar.

The synergy between GPT-4 and Bing results in an experience more powerful and accurate than what ChatGPT alone can offer. So, if you're looking to make your teaching or parenting journey more informed and interactive, Bing Chat is your go-to tool.

For Parents: Steering Your Child’s Educational Voyage

  1. Homework Help: Say your child has a history assignment on the Civil War. Bing can offer vetted articles, timeline visuals, and even expert commentary to help craft a top-notch report.

  2. Creative Inspiration: Imagine your child needs to write a story about a trip to the moon. Bing’s Compose feature can suggest plot points, dialogue, and even narrative style to make their story shine.

  3. Reading Assistance: If your child has dyslexia or is struggling with reading , Bing’s Immersive Reader can highlight text syllable by syllable and read it aloud, enhancing both word recognition and comprehension. Turning this on also removes all ads and visual distractions from web pages.

  4. Math Homework Unplugged: Let’s say your child is stuck on a calculus problem. Microsoft Math Solver will not only solve it but also show step-by-step workings, supplemented by interactive graphs and explanations to clarify the concept.

For Teachers: Raising the Bar in Education

  1. Dynamic Lesson Planning: Planning a lesson on photosynthesis? Bing can supply you with articles from scientific journals, interactive diagrams for visual learners, and even DIY experiment ideas to engage your class.

  2. Professional Growth: Want to integrate gamification in your teaching? Bing can compile studies, articles, and real-world examples on how gamification boosts learning engagement and outcomes.

  3. Interactive Classrooms: Thinking of a geography quiz? Bing’s quiz feature allows you to include maps, pictures, and even audio clues to challenge and engage your students fully.

  4. Simplifying Math: Suppose you’re tackling trigonometry. Microsoft Math Solver can help you design a worksheet with varying difficulty levels and real-world application questions, making the subject matter more relatable.

  5. Five Additional Examples on my YouTube Channel.

  6. Teacher ChatGPT Guides for Classroom Use (by OpenAI - creator of ChatGPT)

The blend of AI and education has never been more promising or actionable than it is today. Bing Chat and other AI-driven tools are not just cool tech novelties; they're strategic assets that are fundamentally transforming how we educate and inspire our kids. Whether you're a parent seeking better ways to support your child's learning or a teacher aiming to elevate your classroom experience, treating AI like your partner will improve learning results and make your lives a bit easier.

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