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Could Americans be paid to do nothing? Musk says AI-Powered Robots will make it happen...

Elon Musk is a controversial figure who manages to capture our imagination through a combination of technology and personal public theater.

Reflecting on Musk’s 2022 annual Tesla AI Day, where he showcased the future possibilities for their technology, and on his highly publicized Twitter ventures, I wanted to put his assertions into context.

Summary of Musk’s assertions: Robots will take over our jobs, do our housework, and the economy will thrive so much that we’ll all be paid…to do nothing.

Robots, powered by AI, will take over your day job.
Robots will also do your housework… for less than the cost of an entry-level car you could have a personal robot.
  • Musk anticipates the Tesla Optimus Robot will be less than $20,000

What possible futures could this create?
  • These 15 million net lost jobs…people will need to reskill themselves!

Personally, I am hoping those personal robots come along soon!

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