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AI now diagnoses disease simply by listening to your voice!

Humans and animals are already benefitting from this powerful use of AI

Have you seen that AI can now diagnose disease simply by listening to your voice?! Imagine being called into your doctor’s office. You’re being scheduled for unexpected testing because your voice was analyzed by AI and you may have a disease. This isn't a future scenario - it's real today! Here are 3 points to ponder:

1) Conventional medical wisdom tells us that early detection is the key to longevity. So think of the power in this technology that can flag for signs of disease, simply by analyzing the sound of your voice. Although it can’t independently diagnose, as with most AI, using it as a companion to qualified medical experts will lead to the best results: A longer and healthier life!

2) This idea of AI + human experts is key to understanding the greatest power of AI. With half the world having almost no access to healthcare, it’s exciting to envision the use of diagnostic tools that can perform first-level diagnosis. Then, medical professionals can get involved with those most likely to benefit from their help. AI tools like this can increase the reach and positive impacts of healthcare systems right here at home and around the world!

3) AI voice technology doesn’t just work for humans! Oxford University used AI machine learning to determine that every lion has its own unique roar. This technology can track lion populations without human interference, except and until they need medical treatment or to be physically protected from trophy hunters. With African lion populations declining, this revolutionary method could ensure that future generations get to enjoy these creatures.

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