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2024 Expectations: The Rise of Customizable GPTs and AI Personalization

What is the future of hyper-personalization using GenAI (like custom GPTs on OpenAIs marketplace)?

This weekend, a reporter asked me this question. His question inspired me to think more broadly about what recent developments have me envisioning for 2024.

My expectations revolve around this core belief:

What creates undeniable impact are the applications that people actually use - ones that create value in everyday lives and transform entire industries.

Here's what I'm expecting to see:

GPTs continue to specialize and customize for specific industries and tasks

The landscape of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) is rapidly evolving, with a clear trend toward specialization and customization for industries and tasks. Modularity is key, akin to assembling Lego blocks tailored for specific industries or tasks. This new paradigm enables individuals to create and share their unique AI solutions on platforms like the OpenAI marketplace, heralding a future where automation is not only accessible but also highly adaptable to various needs. Bottom line:

  • The future is modular (picture LEGO blocks for specific task or industries)

  • Specific tasks that can be automated in unique series become the norm (build exactly what you want from your LEGO pieces)

  • People are creating their own LEGOs and sharing them on the OpenAI marketplace. 

Ethical and regulatory developments in AI create new job roles

Wondering where the new jobs created by AI will come from? Governments tend to create new ones.

The EU AI Act that reached agreement on Friday is a perfect example. Companies now need:

  1. AI Compliance Officers

  2. AI Risk Analysts

  3. AI Ethics Specialists

  4. AI Data Governance Managers

  5. AI Transparency and Documentation Managers

  6. AI Human Oversight Coordinators

  7. AI Legal Advisors

  8. AI Quality Assurance and Testing Engineers

  9. AI Policy and Strategy Analysts

  10. AI Training and Development Specialista

  11. AI Stakeholder Engagement Managers

The integration of GPTs into everyday business operations significantly alter job functions

Consider how an accountant worked before spreadsheets were invented. With spreadsheets, they evolved from ledger keepers to financial analysts. Now, in partnership with AI, accountants will further evolve into roles that oversee AI operations, interpret AI-generated insights, and focus on strategic financial planning.

Partnerships between humans and AI will drive innovation and enhance productivity

The ability for every internet-connected human to create their own GPT unleashed the potential for the adage that “necessity is the mother of invention.”  We’ve put the power of AI into the hands of every person to create solutions to their own problems - problems shared by others like them. Let's explore an example:

  • Envision a hyper-personalized AI assistant created specifically to provide personalized, evidence-based advice and logistical support to help overworked moms successfully balance the competing demands of career, family responsibilities and self-care.

  • The bot would consider her specific work responsibilities and style, her family’s preferences for everything from food to entertainment, co-parenting schedule requirements, health needs, etc.

  • The key to this tool being realistically helpful is in the hyper-personalization. 

New AI business models, such as AI-as-a-Service, will emerge and transform the market

We are on the cusp of groundbreaking transformations in how businesses operate. New models like AI-as-a-Service will revolutionize the market, offering innovative solutions in various domains. As examples, envision this:

  • AI chronic disease management (diabetes, heart disease, asthma) using continuous monitoring from wearable technology. It acts as a specific-to-you virtual health assistant. 

  • AI assisted learning for employees. As situations arise, micro learning content is provided to the employee. It acts as a personalized and situation specific OJT virtual buddy. 

These developments are not just hypothetical scenarios; they are imminent realities that will redefine our interaction with technology in everyday life.


As we approach 2024, the world of AI is increasingly personalized. This brings tailored AI solutions for diverse needs, from health to work and beyond. It also introduces new AI jobs, reshapes work, and improves efficiencies. Next year promises to continue the wild AI ride!

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