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AI Sales Cohort

Dr. Lisa is your personal coach for 7 weeks!

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Course Agenda
Weekly Content

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  • Overview of generative AI and its applications in sales

  • Understanding the basics of machine learning

  • Industry use cases for generative AI

  • Offline content: Read articles on generative AI and machine learning

Introduction to Generative AI


Data-Driven Insights for Customer Needs

  • Leveraging generative AI for sentiment analysis of customer feedback

  • Customer segmentation and targeting with generative AI

  • Extracting valuable insights from unstructured customer data

  • Offline content: Analyze a customer data set and create a report


Creating Personalized Sales Pitches with AI

  • How to use generative AI to create personalized sales pitches

  • Tools for creating personalized sales pitches

  • Offline content: Create a personalized sales pitch using generative AI


Selling AI Products and Services

  • Understanding the market for AI products and services

  • Identifying potential customers for AI products and services

  • Managing AI sales projects and best practices

  • Offline content: Research chosen industry-specific AI products and services


Leveraging AI for Revenue Retention

  • Analyzing customer behavior using generative AI

  • Enhancing customer experiences with generative AI

  • Personalizing customer retention strategies with generative AI

  • Offline content: Develop a revenue retention plan with generative AI


Advanced Generative AI Sales Techniques

  • Exploring advanced generative AI techniques for sales (NLP for generating persuasive and engaging sales messages)

  • Case studies and examples of advanced generative AI applications in sales

  • Offline content: Experiment with advanced generative AI techniques


Final Project

and Certification

  • Final Project: Create a sales plan using AI tools

  • Present final project to the class including itemized tools listing and process


Course format

7-weekly, one-hour Zoom meetings, offline content, and hands-on projects. Certified AI Seller Badge will be awarded upon completion. 

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