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The Convergence of Quantum Computing and AI: A Revolution on the Near Horizon

Quantum computing + AI = the convergence of technologies will revolutionize the world as we know it. 👇🏻

Read the NY Post full article here.

⏩ If you’re already reeling from the speed of AI-induced change, the near future looks like a blur.

🔮With IBM predicting the availability of quantum computing in 2026, the future is closer than expected.

🎙️I had the opportunity to talk about this emerging combination this week with the New York Post.

‼️ The convergence of quantum computing and AI is set to unlock a new era of breakthroughs in fields such as medicine and space exploration.

Quantum computing's wicked-fast speed and efficiency, combined with AI's ability to create insights from vast amounts of data, will make solutions to super-complex problems possible:
  • Individualized medicine,

  • Geopolitical peacemaking,

  • Climate change, and more.

⚠️Despite the exciting potential, this convergence will also pose new challenges, such as the need for evolved encryption/security methods to protect against data breaches.

🚧 The future is exciting, but we must approach it with caution and careful consideration.
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