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2022 in Review: A Roller-Coaster Year of AI Thought Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Doctoral Research

I posted this on LinkedIn back in January as a stroll down 2022 memory lane. I wanted to immortalize it here for reflection. As an entrepreneur and a learning blogger, I am just now realizing that some of my best writing happens on LinkedIn. From now on, I'll be adding the good stuff here as well :)

What a roller-coaster of a year!

💔lost my beloved brother
🚔car disappeared from the airport
📺fun tv and print media appearances
🚻diversity work
📊dissertation data gathering completed!
📙wrote for Douglas Laney’s book - Data Juice
🐚#outerbanks downtime
💬doubled down on AI thought leadership
🧐Advising @ Proof Analytics
🌊Texas beach remote work
🎉2023 contracts landed


2023 as of January

✍️launched my blog
🧠dissertation defense scheduled! Full draft complete this week!
🚀Nonprofit - AI Ambassadors - founded and certified
⁉️multiple media interviews
👀So much more to come!

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