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GenAI Cyber Solutioning

KEYNOTE: Navigating the Cybersecurity Risks of Prompt Injections in AI Integrations

Dr. Lisa addresses the emerging challenges and risks associated with prompt injection attacks in generative AI systems. Key highlights of the presentation include:

  1. Introduction to Prompt Injection: The presentation begins by explaining what prompt injection is and how it resembles other injection attacks in information security. The technique involves hijacking a language model’s output using untrusted text, posing significant risks to AI systems.

  2. Explosion of Generative AI: Dr. Lisa highlights the rapid growth and adoption of generative AI, emphasizing the increased usage of ChatGPT and the launch of OpenAI’s custom GPT marketplace.

  3. Understanding Prompt Injections and Risks: An in-depth look at how prompt injections work in Large Language Models (LLMs) is provided, detailing the methods attackers use and the potential consequences.

  4. Real-World Examples: Various incidents where prompt injections have caused harm are discussed. These include the Napalm Production Instructions Incident, the ChatGPT Manipulation Incident, the Samsung Data Breach Incident, an attack on the Notion platform, and a breach involving a bank's AI-powered customer service chatbot.

  5. Strategies to Mitigate Risks: The presentation outlines several strategies to combat prompt injection risks, including creating and adhering to AI ethical guidelines, addressing GPT content moderation, prompt engineering audits, building an ethical AI culture, and more.

  6. Call to Action: Dr. Lisa concludes with a strong call to action, urging proactive AI security measures, sanitization of inputs and validation of prompts, deployment of anomaly detection systems, usage of LLM-specific detectors, regular peer reviews, promoting ethical AI practices, and initiating collaborative defense initiatives.

  • Prompt Injection Awareness Campaign: A detailed plan for an awareness campaign about prompt injections in AI is shared as a template for leaders to follow, aiming to educate a broad audience about these risks and mitigation techniques.

  • Pragmatic Work to Drive Productivity: The presentation emphasizes the importance of educating leaders about AI in business, coaching on generative AI, and identifying tasks for AI solutions to improve productivity.

Scroll below for the detailed slide presentation.

Note: Most visuals created via partnership between Dr. Lisa and ChatGPT (DALL-E).

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