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AI Transforms Home Buying: A Buyer’s Journey Minus 6% Commissions

I was inspired to write this storytelling style blog after learning about a disruptive shift in the real estate industry. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) recently announced a settlement that will dramatically transform the landscape for buyers and sellers alike. The longstanding 6% commission that has been a staple of home transactions is no more. Now, buyers likely will pay a flat fee or an hourly rate to their agents, rather than being committed to the amount set by the seller. This change, expected to significantly reduce the cost of buying and selling homes, represents the biggest shift in the housing market in a century. With this new freedom, the door is wide open for innovation and competition, paving the way for technologies like AI to play a pivotal role in reshaping the industry. Below, I tell a fictitious story of how an AI-infused home buying journey changes the experience for both the buyer and the seller.

Artwork made by Dr Lisa + ChatGPT

The Advent of HomeRider

Imagine embarking on the journey to find your dream home, not through endless open houses and paperwork, but with a seamless, personalized experience powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Enter HomeRider, an AI-driven platform set to revolutionize the way we buy homes, mirroring the transformative impact of ride-sharing services like Uber. Our story follows Shelley, a first-time homebuyer navigating this new, liberated market, and Jordan, a realtor who has embraced the innovative possibilities of AI through HomeRider.

Shelley’s Journey Begins

Shelley, eager to find her perfect home, begins her journey with a few taps on her phone, inputting her preferences: location, budget, style, and the essentials like a home office. HomeRider’s AI springs to action, sifting through thousands of listings to find matches that feel tailor-made for Shelley.

Gone are the days of sifting through irrelevant listings. Instead, Shelley receives a AI-curated selection of homes, each with a virtual reality tour. From the comfort of her couch, she explores properties, venturing into every nook and cranny, envisioning her future in each space. The AI learns with every interaction, refining its recommendations to suit Shelley’s tastes even more closely.

Jordan’s Role Transformed

As Shelley shows interest in a particular listing, Jordan, a realtor who’s embraced the HomeRider platform, gets notified. Jordan has access to a suite of AI tools that not only match listings with potential buyers like Shelley but also provide deep insights into market trends and buyer preferences.

When Shelley schedules an in-person viewing through HomeRider, Jordan is already prepared with all the information Shelley might need, thanks to the AI-driven insights from the app. Jordan’s role has evolved with HomeRider; she is now more than a realtor – she is a consultant and advisor, using AI to provide a personalized service that goes beyond traditional expectations.

At the viewing, Jordan uses HomeRider to provide Shelley with detailed insights about the property and neighborhood, answering questions with precision and confidence. This isn’t just a showing; it’s a comprehensive consultation, informed by data.

Shelley Makes An Offer

Shelley decides to make an offer, and Jordan is right there to guide her through the new, streamlined process. The negotiation and closing, once daunting tasks filled with stress and uncertainty, are now simplified thanks to HomeRider. The AI suggests a competitive offer based on real-time market analysis, ensuring Shelley’s bid is both compelling and fair. Jordan explains the rationale behind the AI’s suggestion, ensuring Shelley feels confident and informed at every step. Together, they navigate the streamlined process, with Jordan’s expertise complementing the AI’s insights, providing a blend of human touch and technological precision.

The Future of Home Buying

Shelley’s experience showcases a future where AI not only simplifies the home buying process but also enhances it, making it more personalized and accessible. Jordan, meanwhile, exemplifies the modern realtor – a professional who leverages technology to provide exceptional service, transforming challenges into opportunities for both buyers and sellers.


The shift away from required 6% realtor commissions creates an uneasy time as it disrupts the market. With the real estate market already broadly embracing AI, this new development further opens doors for technological innovation, enabling a more competitive, efficient, and consumer-friendly market. For buyers like Shelley and realtors like Jordan, technology like HomeRider represents the future of real estate—a future where technology and human expertise combine to redefine what it means to buy a home.

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