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◾Generative AI - What It Means for Business / Workforce / Society

◾How Deepfakes are Elevating Business Risk

◾How AI is Powering the Evolution of the Metaverse

◾The Current & Projected US AI-Related Legal / Regulatory Situation

◾Using AI for Topline / Bottomline / Cash / Stewardship Value

◾ Why AI Outcomes Trump AI Transparency

◾ AI / Machine Learning - You Need a Data Strategy

◾ Using AI to Drive Innovation (and Revenue!)

◾ AI Impacts on Social Issues ie Sustainability / DEI / Responsible Tech

◾ Overcoming AI Bias - Outcomes Focus:

      Synthetic Data & Other Creative Solutions

◾ AI Ethics / Digital Ethics - Why YOU Care (Risks/Rewards)

◾ Why Public / Private / Academic Partnerships for AI

◾ Media Appearances & Public Speaking Engagements

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